Kotaro Usui

Current Position

  • 1st Year Master student Candidate in Informatics. The University of Electro-Communications.

Research Interests

  • Learning Classifier System: Algorithm; Theory
  • Reinforcement Learning

Selected Publications


– Proceedings.

  1. Kotaro Usui, Masaya Nakata, Keiki Takadama. “Accuracy-based Learning Classifier System with Linkage-Classifier robust to environmental change”, The Japanese Society for Evolutionary Computation 2013, pp.148-155, 2013, in Japanese.
  2. Kotaro Usui, Masaya Nakata, Keiki Takadama. “Performance evaluation and proposal of acquisition and utilization of generic knowledge that can reuse to similar environments by Accuracy-based Learning Classifier System with Linkage-Classifier”, Information Processing Society of Japan Special Interest Groups No.97, No.16, 2014, in Japanese.
  3. Kotaro Usui, Masaya Nakata, Keiki Takadama. “Reusable Knowledge by Linkage-Classifier in Accuracy-based Learning Classifier System”, Third World Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing (NaBIC 2014), pp.312-317, 2014.

Awards, Grants & Honors.

Committee Assignments