Caili Zhang

about me

I came from China , my research is related to machine learning and evolutionary algorithm.
More specifically, focus on Learning Classifier System(LCS), and the real world data mining application based on LCS.

International Conference

Abstract of research

  • This paper presents an approach to clustering that extends the variance-based Learning Classifier System(XCS-VR). In real world problems, the ability to combine similar rules is crucial in the knowledge discovery and data mining field.
    Conventionally, XCS-VR is able to acquire generalized rules, but it cannot further acquire more generalized rules from these rules. The proposed approach (called XCS-VRc) accomplishes this by integrating similar generalized rules.
    To validate the proposed approach, we designed a bench-mark problem to examine whether XCS-VRc can cluster both the generalized and more generalized features in the input data. The proposed XCS-VRc proved to be more efficient than XCS and the conventional XCS-VR.