Akinori MURATA



Aeronautical Safety College, Osaka, Japan
2008 – 2009 Aeronautical Electronics
The University of Electro-Communication, Tokyo, Japan
2011 – 2015 Bachelor of Engineering (Informatics), Mentor: Dr.Keiki Takadama
2015 – 2017 Master of Engineering (Informatics). Mentor: Dr.Keiki Takadama
2017- present 2nd Year Ph.D. Candidate in Informatics.
Graduate School of Informatics. Mentor: Dr. Keiki Takadama

Major areas of study: Informatics

Research Interests

Multi-Objective Optimization: Genetic Algorithm (Basic and NSGA-II)
Air traffic management: Landing order optimization
Machine learning: Clustering, Random forest


First-Class Technical Radio Operator for On-the-Ground Services
C#, R,
Driving license (International, Japanese)

Work Experience

Nov.2017 – present National Maritime Research Institute (as a part-time job)
May.2017 – July.2017 Electronic Navigation Research Institute Intern


International Conference (Click here)

My research

Air traffic demand around the world increases annually. In Japan, due to a lot of air traffic, the aircraft are delayed for a while on purpose. Particularly, Haneda airport is one of the bottlenecks for increasing more traffic in Japan.

One of my research purposes is to increase the number of the landing aircraft per day. I made the model of the arrival sequence for aircraft to improve the capacity of the landing aircraft. Besides, I proposed my method based on Genetic Algorithm considering the aircraft speed and routes. In detail, my proposed method developed the detour route which can change the order of the aircraft. Such a change contributed to decrease the runway occupation time in the airport.

I applied my proposed method to the simulated map. In this experiment, my proposed method can find appropriate landing sequence and the trajectory for the arrival aircraft.